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IBH Institute for construction hygiene

What do we mean by this term?

<div class="ibh-dp-contentSection full"> <div class="ibh-dp-contentSection__text"> <p>The Institute for construction hygiene IBH, is an association under Swiss law uniting a networks of freelance experts from the field of technical construction hygiene.</p> <p>Being independent of the construction industry, the authorities and the lobbies, the Institute has the task of:</p> <ul> <li>Developing and maintaining the IBH Identity, an integral quality management system, for freelancers</li> <li>Qualifying IBH experts according to the internal criteria</li> <li>Creating a network of expert, which are managed by freelance experts</li> <li>Expanding the knowledge of all its members concerning building and health condition to the end consumers</li> <li>Analyzing and assessing procedures of construction hygiene according to the latest state of the art and knowledge</li> <li>Defending the interests of self-employed experts on the market, and in particular, to reduce the disadvantages of freelancers against larger companies offering the same type of services</li> </ul> </div> <div class="ibh-dp-contentSection__image"> <p><img title="Picture: Hygeia, Godess of health" alt="Hygiene comes from the Greek Hygieia" src="/user/pages/01.institute/Hygeia.png" /></p> </div> </div> <p></br></p> <h3>The IBH Central Organization (IBH Zentralstelle)</h3> <p>The IBH Central Organization, a joint venture between IBH Assosiation and IBH Expert's bodies, is the office and the technical management (quality manager) of the institute. The technical management supervises the IBH Identity, develops together with the other experts, the IBH procedures and is responsible for quality assurance throughout the network.</p>