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Expert of IBH + Expert's office of the IBH

The specialist you can trust!

<p><strong>IBH stands for professional competence and a personally committed expert. The IBH experts want to set an example for standardized high quality services at a fair price.</strong></p> <h1>Expert IBH</h1> <p>The Annual General Meeting of the IBH Association appoints competent and moral (confidential, independent, impartial) persons with specialist knowledge to Expert of IBH. After thorough examination, these freelance experts will offer services in the field of construction hygiene.</p> <p>In contrast to companies with comparable services, freelance IBH experts provide a direct and personalized contact person for the customer. The customer knows when commissioning an expert that their competence has already been determined. The expert’s opinion will be totally independent and dedicated to their needs as a specialist consultant. They choose a person in whom they trust.</p> <h1>Expert's office of the IBH</h1> <p>Expert's office of the IBH (Expertenstelle IBH) are under a license agreement which obliges them to maintain a high quality according to the IBH Identity and are involved in an interdisciplinary network. These independent consultants have many years of experience in construction hygiene, building diagnostics, renovation planning and building biology. They provide their knowledge to help determining the status quo for construction hygiene (pollutants diagnostics, inspection). They are available in case of clarification on any environmental medical questions, consultations and knowledge concerning pollutants sanitation (asbestos, PCBs, mould and wood fungi), as well as construction projects (radon protection and “healthy” building).</p> <p>A well-secured centralized electronic data storage ensures that if an expert is unable to complete a contract, the previously secured results can be accessed by another specialist.</p> <p>The institute is glad to welcome any further qualified experts into the IBH network.</p> <h2>Services provided by IBH Experts:</h2> <ul> <li>Survey of building sites for contamination, as well as neighbouring plots for emissions</li> <li>Building check / screenings for pollutants (asbestos, PCB, PAH, VOC, wood preservatives, heavy metals)</li> <li>Survey on moisture and mold problems</li> <li>Measuring and assessing exposure to ionizing radiation (radioactive material, radon) and non-ionizing radiation (electrosmog, illumination quality)</li> <li>Assessing the comfort factor in indoor areas</li> <li>Hygienic inspection of the ventilation systems (according to SWKI VA104) and of the drinking water systems</li> <li>Specific planning and controls for pollutants and mold sanitation, as well as radon protection and reduction of electrosmog</li> </ul>