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The Construction Hygiene

What do we mean by this term?

<p><strong>The quality of indoor environment and building pollutants have a great impact on our well-being and thus on our performance and health. These are exactly the points that the construction hygiene is concerned with.</strong></p> <p><img title="Picture: Factors that determine interior climate" alt="Factors that determine interior air quality: Exterior climat, contaminated soil, Emissions, Construction and building materials, building technology, air renewal, use, chemical pollutants, biogenic pollutants, thermal conditions, light and electrosmog, noice and vibrations, radon / radioactivity" class="full" src="/user/pages/00.home/iaq.svg" /></p> <p>The technical construction hygiene (the term Hygine comes from the Greek Hygieia or Hygeia → Health) is a field of activity which focalizes on buildings or indoor areas. It is especially concerned with maintaining and promoting the health of people in residential and working areas. This field covers heat, sound and moisture protection as well as exposition to sunlight, lighting and air renewal. Building pollutants (such as asbestos, PCB’s, HAP’s, heavy metals, mould, radon, etc) as well as building services or building technique (including air-conditioning, ventilation systems (ventilation hygiene), water supply, lighting, electrical installations and radio systems (electrosmog)) are also part of this field. Construction hygiene is an important aspect of sustainable construction, health &amp; safety protection and health promotion. It should therefore be adequately taken into account in any new construction and renovation. Experts in construction hygiene are valuable partners for building planners and environmentalists.</p>